Connect Domo data to other services



currently data in Domo can be imported through many connectors, but can it also be used to flow back to a service?

For example, if I input the the link to my custom backend application or a Zendesk ticket or a Salesforce lead into the raw data of a Dataset can I make it clickable & perform an action on it (i.e. just open link, "Respond to Ticket", "Contact lead" etc.) right from the data in Domo?


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  • jaredpk
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    Hello -- This is possible using the concat function in a dataflow or beastmode.  The exact syntax will look like:


    Concat('<a target="_blank" href="'','Link to Source','</a>')


    You will have to modify the code above to fit the specific URL you are trying to replicate.

  • thenaturalist
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    To my total surprise, I just made it work. Syntax is very similar and straightforward to your approach:


    CONCAT('<a target="_blank" href="URL_Path">
    <img src="https://DIRECT_PATH_TO_IMG"></a>')


    You can basically put your Salesforce/ Zendesk/ Your Backend/ CRM etc. logos next to each other.  


    Absolutely beautiful! This is a very nice discovery!


  • Hi @jaredpk,


    perfect, thanks a lot!





    EDIT: Is it possible to display the link in the tabular data as an icon? I.e. only show the Salesforce logo and define a URL path that will be opened when the icon is clicked?

  • @thenaturalist if this solved your problem please mark the accepted solution.




  • You can link an image source using similar HTML tags, if you know the location of a source. You should also be able to but a link on the image.  I haven't actually done that, so it's new territory, but theoretically should work.


  • Great to know ... thanks for your exploration as well.