Scheduling second run of a job on Workbench

Is it possible to set up a second run of a job in Workbench?  I am currently running the job at 6:30am and would like to add a second run at 10:30am.



  • Hi @cmarutzky - Great question! Before I go too far, which version of WB are you using?

  • Version 4

  • Awesome, so in v4, if you go to the "Tools" in the ribbon, and select "Schedule", it will take you through a wizard that will allow you to set up advanced scheduling for you job using Windows Task Manager.


    Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 9.33.51 AM.png


    Once you get to the Task Scheduler, I would recommend just setting up two schedules, one for each time you want it to run. 

  • Thanks for the response.  I am getting a 'Failed to create Workbech DataSet Job Group' error.

  • Sorry to hear that it's giving you an error. Could you tell me where exactly in the process you are receiving the error? Also, are you able to reach the Windows Task Scheduler outside of Domo Workbench?

  • Right after I select which jobs to include in the task I get the error.  When I hit the button that says failed, it does launch the task scheduler but I am not sure what to do from there.

  • From the Task Scheduler, you would expand the "Task Scheduler Library" and then the "Domo" (or "Domov4") folder and any scheduled tasks would appear in the Task Scheduler pane for you to manage. 


    Creating the Workbech DataSet Job Group is a crucial step, however. Since this is where Workbench creates a job that can be managed by the Task Scheduler. Since I am unable to replicate the same error you are getting, I would recommend that you email [email protected] to get the error resolved, so you can move forward with the advanced scheduling.

  • @cmarutzky, did any of @AdamT's replies help you out?

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