date formatting problems

I'm having trouble formatting the date on my card. I have a date grain selected and date is in my X-axis. it is currently showing as 2016-Mar and I'd like it to say Mar-2016. I was able to get it working on one card after several tries, but I' not having luck with any more cards. both cards use the same dataset, and the field is a date field formatted as 3/1/2016. you can see from the attached pcture that i've got the x-axis formatted the way I think it should be(the way the working card is set up) but the graph is still showing the default formatting. Any help would be appreciated. 


  • Leave that formatting in place, but switch your date aggregation around, to day for example instead of month, and see if that helps.  Experiment to see what works.

  • so are you saying that perhaps my data field is the problem, and this is not a bug? 

  • No, I think the card isn't behaving the way it should but you might be able to get around the issue by tinkering with other settings.  

    I observed the same problem on one of my cards but was able to resolve it by using the special formatting but changing the date level from day to month.


  • I'm now going the route of one of Godzilla's postings where you just make a beast mode with date_format and I just use that as my x-axis. Thanks!

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