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I've noticed something when exporting a Table card into Excel.



on the card , Date fields show as 2016-11-09

when send/export to Excel it shows up as 9-Nov-2016


is there a way to set the format in which the columns will be once the user export it to excel ?


on export , column 1 as Tex , column 2 as short date, column 3 as long date/time, column 4 as currency 2




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  • ilikenno



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    Hello @Godiepi

    Great question. Sadly there is not an easy way to define the formatting of the column before it is exported. 

    Through beastmode you can format columns slightly. 

    For date columns we can use: Date_Format() to change visual of the date. -- This will convert the column to be a string
    To shorten a date from a date/time we can use: DATE(`date_time_column`)

    Hope this helps!


  • Can anyone help out @Godiepi?

  • It would be great if we could format each column to export, sometimes clients ask for reports to be sent out in certain format. we are trying to put them in Domo so that our clients can export them anytime, but the export cannot be formatted. Could it be added as an Idea ? Thanks

  • @Godiepi


    Please search the ideas exchange and then suggest it as an idea in case someone else has not yet submitted it.




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