Filters / need for publication Groups?

Hoping for some feedback on this --


In our instance, we've used publication groups in order to keep some users from seeing data that doesn't pertain to their region (this structure pre-dates the newly released PDP policies).


Reason being that, if a card was built for Columbus, the front end would always disply Columbus ONLY, but drilling beneath the card to the data table (which we DO want enabled) would allow a user to grab other markets in that view.


It seems this may be reworked now - when I click on the front end of a card for Columbus, I no longer see anything additional in the data beneath. Additionally, if the card is displaying Product A/B/C and not D, I can't see D in the underlying data either.


Can someone confirm that there has indeed been a change in how backend filters apply to the front end user experience? If there is no way to uncover data that is NOT being represented in a card, I may be able to move my publication group users over to regular access, which would be of great benefit to them.


Thanks for any feedback or experience anyone can share.