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How to change the goal label.? Could any one provide me a step by step instruction.?


I know maybe beastmode could help. But not sure how to do it exactly.....

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  • Godiepi
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    Hi Dale , please see the image attached.


    hope it helps.


    Step by Step New Goal Line


  • Hi Godiepi,


    Thanks for your quick response! However, in my card, I already have one line, If I drag this new calculation to the field, it becomes a column not a line, as you can see on the picture. What should I do now?


  • That is easy to fix.


    Just keep in mind when draging the calculations into the series position, to do it in cretain order.


    for example :


    you have 3 series , 2 of which are percentages (one is your goal cal) and the third series is counts.


    from left to right put the series that are percentages first and then the other series that hold counts at the end.


    at first the chart might look wrong, but you can go to the chart properties and under "general" , especify the number of lines you want on your chart.  in this case you would type 2 in the "Number of Lines" box.



  • Hi, Godiepi.


    I have a quick question: In General, we set Number of Lines to 2, is that means that the first two series will be line and the rest of them will be columns?


    Thank you very much for your quick response!



  • Yes , that is correct. it is very useful when using different type of metrics in one single chart (percentage vs volume). it depends of what you are trying to show, so in the case all your series are percentages you can either set the number of lines as such or just use a muti-line type of chart instead.
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