grouped bar with multiple symbols

Is there not a way to create a grouped Bar chart with multiple y-axis symbols?


I have 3 divisions (x axis)

and i want to show grouped bar (Rev, Margin, Operating Exp)

and symbols for (Rev Budget, Margin Budget, Operating Exp Buget)


It would provide a quick summary of divisional performance to budget

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  • Godiepi
    Godiepi 🟣
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    Yes you can have multiple symbols and more than 1 bar.


    Use the general settings number of symbol series like on this screenshot.


    Screen Shot 11-25-16 at 10.56 AM.PNG

  • Godiepi
    Godiepi 🟣
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @PantoViz


    don't worry about it, the wording on that box changed on the last Domo update.


    it changed from 'Number of Symbol Series' to 'Series on left scale'  , but it still working as before.


    just put a number 2 and apply the changes. it worked for me.


  • @sgraham, did @Godiepi's reply help you out?

  • Hi guys,


    may I ask you what I am missing in this example attached?

    I would like to have one single bar with 2 symbols for every X-asis value.


    As you can see, in the General chart section I can't see "Number of Symbol Series".



    2017-02-09 16_02_05-Domo.png


    Am I using the right chart?



    Thanks in advance.



  • Thanks Godiepi!


    I didn't noticed that change!




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