How can I automatically export a Card to an Image Everyday?

I want to publish a card on our internal web site - idea is to export Card as image and update that on our sharepoint site


How can I achive this?



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    The link works differently depending on if you use a preview or full saved link?  You might want to reach out to Support for that.


  • Have you looked at publications?  You can create an open or private URL that will always have the most up to date card(s) view and it will be accessible via the web.  

  • @syedrehman, did @AS's reply help you out?

  • thanks Aaron, however, this seems to have not worked as I intentded it to be. I used "Publish as Slideshow" then in next dialogue click "Change" in current publish status and chose "anyone with link can view", then I took that generated public link and embedded that on our Sharepoint page using "PageViewer" webpart - Testlink of pageviewer showing page fine, however, when we save the webpart - it shows message "Enter Access code for Slide show"...


    anyway to fix it? I want this viz to be shareable by all internal employees who can access sharepoint site, irrespective of if they have domo access or not.


    Thanks for your help.

  • ok will contact support. thanks.