Converting Week numbers into date ranges


I've got some quarterly data that I'd like to format a bit. I'd like to change the "week-1 2015" labels (see attached image) to something like "Jan 1-7 2015" etc. I can't seem to find which beast mode formula I could use to accomplish this. Thanks in advance!




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    no you can't shift it with the out of the box functionality. You would have to load it in as part of your dataset or build a beast mode but you will lose the time grain functionality if you build a customer date field. 


  • Are you starting with raw dates and the "week-1 2015" is generated by the domo card or does the raw data have a column with "week-1 2015" in it?

  • I am starting with raw dates that domo is transforming into "week-1 2015"

  • Is it possible to shift this around to start on a different day of the week other than Sunday? In other words, look at Friday-Thursday instead of Sunday-Saturday.

  • Hi all,


    Does anybody have any input for @CantStopTheHopp with their follow-up question? If you can't find an answer here, feel free to open a new topic with your question!

  • @CantStopTheHopp, did Godzilla's response help address your follow-up question?

  • Yes that is what I was thinking but was wanting to confirm. Fortunately it wasn't a crucial need so I'm not going to bother looking into it further.

  • good stuff! Thank you!

  • This solution doesn't work when comparing Y-o-Y data :(