How to see all data sets related to a card?

Hi all,


Does anyone know if there is a way to see all data sets that are connected to a particular card?


i.e. both directly as well as indirectly (as an input to a data flow which outputs a data set connected to that card)


For example, I have two data sets, DS1 and DS2, that are inputs to a data flow and the output of that data flow is DS3. DS3 is connected to a card named Card1.


Does Domo provide any functionality that would tell me that DS1, DS2, and DS3 are all related to Card1??




  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help out @jonathan_b?


  • @jonathan_b Unfortunately, at the moment there is not a way to see these connections.  We do have a feature under development that will provide you data lineage information.  It is expected to release later this year.




  • I was just asking my success manager about that feature's availability. Thanks!