Column limit in Table card?

Is the Table card locked to 3 columns max in the dashboard view? Β I've tried configuring the column widths manually and I can't get the card to show more than 3 columns no matter how small the column widths are.




  • Tomo
    Tomo 🟒

    My dashboard can only display up to 3 columns.

  • Same problem here -- my columns are all wider than they need to be, and when I email my cards out, it's cutting off the 4th column.Β  Is there a way to customize column width to get my 4 columns?

    Anybody have a workaround?

  • So in order to see more than 3 columns on a table card, you'll need to change the card size to Full (see attachment 1), and then in the card proprties, change the Full Size Settings to be Card Width: 6, and whatever Card Height is appropriate for you.

  • In addition to what was said you can now define a % of the screen each column should take up in a table card which allows for plenty more than 3 columns to show.

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