HTML error every time I try posting in the dojo

Hi Dojo I am getting an error that prevents me from posting every time I add an entry in the dojo it says invalid html was found in the message body this is the 5th time i try to post this entry hopefully this time it will go through

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    Me, too.   I flip the body text to HTML and then remove whatever markup is there. Usually it's just paragraph tags, so I'm not sure what's up.
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    OK we believe we have it fixed. Please let me know if you run into any more issues.

    Again my apology for any inconvenience caused in the last 24 hours.





  • Guys,


    Let me know if this is still happening, I am working with our platform IT team to identify the issue which began in the last 24 hours.


    I made some short term setting changes to alleviate this.


    Let me know of any issues posting.



  • I can see that any time I have a line break my posts won't go up. So posts end up being blocks of text for me. Not the easiest to read.
  • Here is another test message in this thread.


    To respond to your prior PM about it.

  • Thanks Aaron!


    I believe posting is without issue at this time.


  • it seems it still happening.

    in this case , when I click on Post, it returned an error, but It actually posted. I did not notice it until I removed all html code like Aaron suggested, and see the dupllicated post after trying again.

    Screen Shot 02-17-17 at 04.08 PM.PNG

  • @Godiepi,


    I checked with our platform provider on your feedback.


    "This is definitely not the same issue we saw yesterday. Please have the user clear their browser cache."


    Hope this takes care of any lingering issues.


    Please let me know!