Percentage Data Labels issue

I'm having issues with data labels (Percentage Value)  on mixed Bar+lines graphs, sometimes they appear with the correct value (multiplied by 100) but most of the time the value is not correct (not multiplied by 100). The value is intended to be a percentage and i have configured everything i know to obtain that result.

Both  the bar height and  the hover values are correct.


Anyone had the same issue?


Thank you


  • Hi Ricardo,


    It has not happened to me.  I suggest double checking 2 things


    1) on the edit mode, when you bring your value into the chart (shows in Green), make sure is set up this way with type = percentage multiply by 100

    Screen Shot 02-20-17 at 10.26 AM.PNG


    2) for the Value scales (line or bar independently) , make sure the divide scale by = percentage.

    Screen Shot 02-20-17 at 10.29 AM.PNG


    after that you could just set the data labe settings to display %_VALUE  and make it visible for Lines only , bars only or both.

  • All checked.

    Still having problems!


    Thank you for your anwser.

  • Hmm! that is strange, what about on the settings for value scale (line) and value scale (bar), you'll see a Label format option. are they set as Default, Number or Percentage.
  • Is very strange and i am presuming a BUG (one more), because sometimes when I come (mostly the first time)  from the page view to the card detail it shows the value correctly. I could not figure out yet a patern for this!


    Thank you.

  • Got you, you should open a ticket with Domo support so they can take a look. you can also run some tests creating a brand new Line+Bar card to see if it does it too or if it is just that one card having issues.
  • Ticket already open. Will post new information when it arrives!

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