How can we pass filters from one card to another card?

I have two cards on same dataset, having same columns but different chart types. Can we sync the filter values in both the cards.


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    If both cards are on the same page and you use the page analyzer to add filters, then yes, filters will apply to both cards.  


    But you wouldn't be able to, for example, add or edit filters to a single card on the card builder and then have them automatically get added to other cards, unless your filter was a beast mode which is shared on the dataset.  That would work.

  • Thanks Aaron. Is there a way to have a chart and related table side by side, instead of a toggle. Even the scroll down option would be fine. Thanks for your previous response. Looking forward to your answer.


    - Akshta


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    There are two or three ways you can accomplish that.  

    • Have two cards on the page, side-by-side.  In full card view you'd still only see one card and have to advance to the next, so it's basically the same as the toggle, but on the page view you'd see them simultaneously
    • Create an app using the Adobe Illustrator design studio plugin to put two charts on a single view. You would need Illustrator for this.
    • Create a totally custom app using the dev studio and some web development.  You would need a web developer for this, but the sky is the limit here.
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