How to create Dashboard after adding Data from Excel?

Hello All,


I am new user of Domo. I've load data from Excel through ETL Processs ( Data Model). Can anyone tell me How can I create Charts and Tables for my Dashboard. 


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    Start by navigating to your Overview page. Over time you'll have more pages but at your stage this is a good place to start.  



    Click on Add Card then Design:

    add card.JPG


    This next pop up is where you decide what source your new card will come from.  Most of the time you'll pick Existing Data (something you've loaded to Domo before and now want to build on that data):

    existing data.JPG


    The next pop up has your list of datasets.  In the beginning there will be just a few: whatever you've loaded so far and a few preloaded datasets.  Click on the Excel dataset and click Select Dataset.


    This will take you to the card builder interface where you select the kind of chart you want and how to configure it.  Drag and drop the columns into the chart axes, aggregate your data, change the the label formats, tweek and necessary and update the name and description of your card then click Save when you are done.


    Lather, rinse, and repeat for more cards to build a full dashboard.  There is a full list of videos and knowledge base articles in the Help Center for how to build the specific chart types, create pages with card collections, and share with other users.


    Good luck!

  • I'm also new to Domo and I went through the instructions given in the above comment, however I'm having trouble dragging and dropping columns to the chart as shown in below screen. Capture.JPG?


  • When you initially create a new card, Domo will populate the axes and series with random measures and dimensions.  It's probably not what you want, so remove those and replace them with what you want.  

    What happens when you drag and drop an aggregated measure (sum of visit length) or dimension (count of visit IDs) onto the Y Axis?  Add a series if you want to break down the aggregation into segments.  From what I can see in your screenshot you just have that extra step.  The X Axis is already done.

  • I'm trying this, too.  When I grab the column and drag and drop into the "drag column here" to add a series, nothing happens.  The columns don't stick or populate, so my graph is still empty....

  • Hm, troubling.  

    Have you tested and found this behavior on different card types and with different columns and different axes/series?

    Have you tried using a different web browser?