Force Value Scale (Line) and Value Scale (Bar) to be equal

I am looking to create a card with 2 lines and one bar that all use the same scale.  In my case it is Indirect Wages by day (Bar), Indirect Wages MTD (Line) and Budgeted Indirect Wages (Line).  I am running into an issue though were depeding on my date range the Scale gets off and it looks like my daily spend is greater than my MTD spend.  Can i force the two scales to be the same?


  • Under Chart Properties > General , check the box that reads "Sync Value Scales"

  • if you don't want the scale to change, you can set a min and max for the scales under the properties as well. the downside of doing this is if any of the values go above or below the specified range, you'll have to manually adjust. 

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