How to create a basic dashboard

Whenever I click on create a dashboard, it shows to go app store. How do I create a basic dashboard with multiple charts or cards. what is the process of creating a dashboard. In other BI tools, dashboard creation is single step process, here it is different.


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    There are a couple of ways to do this. 


    You can start with new "page", a canvas of sorts, and create cards one-by-one, based on data you've already loaded or want to load at the same time.  This is the most common way to build a view for your business.


    Alternatively, if you have a datasource which has pretty standardized datasets, like Facebook, then you can go to the app store and download the app, plug in your credentials, and have Domo build the dashboard for you.  In Domo, a single-view dashboard can be thought of as a page full of cards.  You can have many pages and subpages as well for dashboards for lots of departments and functions at your company.



  • What button are you clicking on? there should be Add Card button on the top right of each page which allows you to Design the charts you need. So, click on Add Chart > Design which will take you to a page where you pick to load data or pick an existing dataset. 





  • Hi Godzilla, Thanks for the reply. I'm aware of cards and design, but I'm looking for the dashboard option. Please find attached screenshot. 



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    I haven't seen this before; is it part of the free version?  How did you get to it?

  • I've never seen that either. 

  • Is it ?? I was exploring the trial version and stuck with this option.

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    That button may be Domo's way of taking you through the dashboard building process, which can be easiest through the app store, but often only if you have standardized datasets.  If that's not you, no worries, just approach it one dataset, app, or card at a time, as the the version you're using allows.

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