Change stack order of stacked bar chart



I need to be able to change the stacking order of a stacked bar chart. Although I'm able to sort groups, changing the stacking order continues to elude me. The other, somewhat related topics didn't work for me and any help would be much appreciated.






  • Hi @peter


    can you add a screenshot of how the card looks now and let us now what is the expected sorting order look ?

  • the easiest way would be to create a sort order beast mode field. Lets say your stacked bars are North , south, east and west. your beast mode would look something like this


    Case when `region` = 'north' then 1

    when `region` = 'south' then 2

    when `region` = 'east' then 3

    when `region` = 'west' then 4

    else 9



    use this beast mode field in your sort order to control the stacked bars. This will allow you to customize and control the sort order. 

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