Sub-Title for a card?

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I'd like to add a sub-title to my card to give a user a hint that they can drill down on it.


Right now I see:


Title (which is a title of my card)

Description (doesn't show when I go to my card, will only pop up when I hover over it from Page-level view)

Summary number (maybe I can get rid of the number but leave the text?)


Any ideas will be appreciated, please help.


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  • You can use a beast mode to create a string to be used as a summary number. However, you have to do this by concatinating text string with an aggregation of some sort (i.e. sum or count).  Without an aggregation in the beast mode, you wont be able to use the field in the Summary.


    Below is an example that says 'Drill down 1 level by clicking on a series'


    concat('Drill down ', (sum(`Amount`)+1)-sum(`Amount`), ' level by clicking on a series')


    Since i have to have an aggregation, i'm doing the (sum(`Amount`)+1)-sum(`Amount`) to always get 1 and then concatinating that with a sring before and after  the 1. 

  • I've created a beast mode that was sorted under Category fields because it's a concatenation. I've also created a beast mode Value containing only a numeric value of the code you provided: [(sum(`Value`)+1)-sum(`Value`)].


    Still, when I click on Edit Summary Number -> Show More Options, I don't see any of the created beast modes under Fields & Function. So, how do I insert it into a Summary field?

  • go into the Beast mode field and make sure the 'Apply to Summary number' check box is checked. 

  • Thanks, it worked like a charm!


    Now, the problem is that my summary number is far more prominent than the actual card title. Is there a way to play with the font size/boldness?


    It looks like this now which I find ridiculous:


    Card Name

    Drill down 1 level by clicking



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