displaying a zero value on a bar chart

If I have a bar chart where I'm graphing the volume of something monthly and one of the months doesn't have any data so the bar displays, Jan 2016, Feb 2016, Mar 2016, Apr 2016, then May is missing.....


Can I zero value be shown in any way?


thanks for any help provided

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  • meadow_ryan
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    this has been resolved as we actually forced a zero value for our data set


  • I have created a date table that I link to to be sure all dates are included. May not be the most elegant - but works and gives you every month!
  • I don't think that will work for my situation, is there any way that you can adjust something on the card itself?

  • Unfortunately not today. It needs to exist in the data set to display on a card. So force it in with a date table merge or it will be blank.
  • I am actually trying to accomplish the same thing here.  I have dates with logged hours that I need to be displayed with zero hours if that is the case.  How would I go about this?  You just build a table and link it...?  I apologize for the seemingly simple question.  I am new to this. 

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