Summary Value Custom Calc

I have a card with a comparitive Gauge that shows YTD Rev against YTD Budget Rev.  In the summary value i want to show the % of budget.


But i have a lot of beast calcs to get to where i am.


i have a beast mode category that groups of line items.  Called Country Group

  So i have line items:

France Revenue

France Std Margin

France Selling Exp


The formula in Country Group is

when Line item = France Revenue then 'France'

when line item = France Std Margin then 'France'

when line item = France Selling Exp then 'France'


So my card has Country group as Gauge name and then filtered on Country as well to equal France.  Since I have many countries, but the gauge is meant to represent France.


my Beast mode % of Revenue Value is


when line item = France Revenue then 'YTD Actual ' / 'YTD Budget '  But I'm not getting the correct value


my YTD rev is say 75K and YTD Bud is 115K, but % is showing 105.7%


Not sure what is happeing




  • Hi,


    I think you should do a straight sum('YTD Actual ') / sum('YTD Budget ')  for your summary number

    this will aggregate all countries


    then in the edit mode you can add the filter for france to lock the card for just france or even better, you can leave it open to the user so they can use the analyzer and filter the card the way they prefer. this means you wont need multiple cards for each country and gives the user the ability to play with the card and look at the percent of budget as a whole or choose and specific country.


    hope this helps

  • my formula was working before but since in this case the result was 91% of budget it showed as a green up arror.  I basically want to if actuals is less than budget, show as a red down.


    this was my original formula


    SUM(`YTD Actual` / `YTD Budget`) 


    and it gave correct % in this case 91% of budget.  which is not good (red down arrow)

  • gotcha, the fix for it in lame terms would be


    (Sum(Actuals) / sum(Budget)) - 1  Then format summary number as percentage.


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