Is there a way to limit which columns can be drilled into on a card?

I am building a card, and only want users to be able to drill into the data based on one specific column.  Is this possible?



  • Could someone help with this issue?

  • Maybe I should provide some more info to clarify.  I have a table that lists Sales Reps, Customer Accounts, Dates of Invoices, Sale Amounts, etc.  


    I would like to only allow the users to drill down to the next level by clicking on the Sales Rep.  The drill down card that I want to lead them to will only make sense if filtered by that column.  


    Thank you

  • I also have this issue. Clicking on certain calculated columns for drilling causes errors so limiting the drill path to one column is crucial. I am assuming since this has been in limbo for weeks that there is no solution to this?

  • I'm also having this issue. I see this has been opened for over a year. Has anyone found a solution?

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