Filter Based on Another Report

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Is it possible to filtering one column values based on another report results set.


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  • i don't believe that's possible. if both were using the same datasource, you may be able to use page filters to filter all charts on the page. 

    If it's possible to combine the datasets, instead of using filters, you may want to build drill through charts so instead of filtering for something on the chart, the user can click on it on the chart and drill through to see the same. 

  • Hi there!


    It is possible to filter cards on a page on a separate dataset's result set if the column you'd like to fillter on is present in both datasets. 


    For example:


    if I had two cards built on separate datasets that both contained the column "Store", I could apply a page level filter on the store column from either dataset. I would check the box "Apply to all datasets with Store" (on the filter dropdown, see screenshot), and at that point, if the datatype is the same and the value is found in both datasets, both cards will be filtered based on your specified value.


    This has to be done at the page level, not at the edit card level.


    Let me know if I can provide addtitional clarification.



  • Thanks for the solution provided.


    It seems there is a limitation.

    I am selecting 'Select All' in the first data set it is not Selecting All columns. I have more than 5000 rows, it is selecting initally 261 when i select All option. I need to search and add to filter manually.


    Can you please provide me the solution.


    Thanks in Advance.

  • Sorry, User01683 I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to. 


    You mentioned that the "Select All" isn't selecting all the columns, but then you mention that you have over 5000 rows and it only selects 261 when you select the all option.


    Few questions:


    - Are you talking about the "All" functionality in the page level filter? 

    - Does your table have 261 unique values in the column you want to filter and you can't select them all?

    - Could you take me through step by step and possibly provide screenshots? That way I can address exactly what you're trying to do.



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