Add single 'Category Total' data labels for Line + Stacked Bar Graph

Hi guys


I am using a Line + Stacked Graph card and I am struggling to show the only ONE datalabel on top of the stacked graph. 


When I enter the value "%_CATGEORY_TOTAL" it would show the right category total but on every single series with no option to only show one.


I must be missing something but I am pretty sure the function was there in the previous version?


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    I think you might be right. I seem to remember a setting like "Show only one label" when using the category total macro.  If nobody else has an answer I recommend inquiring with support.

  • @EdgarChieng - did you ever figure this one out?

  • Is there a solution for this? Having the same issue. 

  • This functionality available for horizontal stacked bars.. why isn't it available for vertical stacked bars?

  • I haven't been able to find a solution to this, so I submitted this to the Ideas Exchange. Hopefully we can get this addressed because this functionality is very necessary for charts like these.

  • Are you trying to show the Total of the bars or just the label for one of the bar series? I'm able to show the total of the bars above the bars.

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