Is there a way to export or distribute a publication page based on a filter?

We currently have several publication pages and we would like to share public publications based on those publication pages ... however when you share a pulication it is all the raw unfiltered information.


Is there an easy way to do this or has anyone else encountered this? 


It looks like the PPT exports filtered down based on the security group, perhaps there is a DOMO API we can tap into to download the various PPT's?

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  • I don't have publication groups in my instance (yet..), but I have had a similar frustration with applying a filter to a page of cards via the Analyzer, creating a publication, and seeing the unfiltered cards show up as a result. Would be great to learn how to correct this, or to see Domo make an improvement to this feature.

  • Thanks for the link - i didn't realize there was a suggestion/idea page - this would fit nicely there. thanks!

  • You're very welcome; I saw you were new here, so I figured it would be good to point you to the ideas page. ?

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    I think this is a bug. "Publish as Slideshow" picks up the unfiltered source page of a publication group page for the slideshow, not the filtered publication group page.

  • We currently have an enhancement request in to Development to add this feature.  The request number is DOMO-13720.  

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    Thanks for the update @DeeDub. Can you make a note to update this thread when the enhancement is released so the folks on the thread get notified of the update.


    Then we can mark this as solved.




  • Will do.

  • Just curious on the status of DOMO-13720. Is there a place to check the status?

  • Same here, what is the status of DOMO-13720 please? Thanks.

  • @StevenC Can you provide an update on this please?

  • With this being an enhancement request, there is no ETA as to when or if this will be implemented.  If it is implemented in the future, it will be mentioned in the product updates.  Thanks,

  • @DeeDub

    Thanks very much for the reply!


    Share the same feeling as some of the previous posts that it's more like a bug since all other opions like "Export as power point" & "View page as  slide show" are capturing the filters.


    Looking forward to this feature if it's already in the coming list..! 

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