Inherited cards, need to trace variables back to source to make sure I'm reading them right

I have these cards that were built for me by someone who knew Domo a lot better than I did. Now, he's not at the company and I'm having numbers that we're not expecting, so I'm hoping to get in and make sure the right numbers are coming from the right places. 


I recognize the answer to this may just be "know your own data" but that's pretty hard given my situation. Our data is coming from Salesforce and I don't have any experience with Salesforce.

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    Is your data straight out of salesforce (you'll know because the dataset icon is the SFDC icon), or is it from a dataflow?

    If your data is coming direct from the source, then you'll probably just have to become more acquainted with that.

    If your data is from a dataflow, Domo's coming out with a new data lineage feature soon.  It will show how datasources flow into the dataset you're looking at, going back to the original sources.  This would probably help.


    In any event, take some time to peruse the plumbing. You'll probably have to spend some time with SFDC experts at your company.


  • The symbol next to the dataset is an arrow coming from the top and then splitting into 2 arrows pointing down and to the left and right. I assume that's a dataflow then? 


    I'll poke around and see if anything starts to make more sense. There should be a few salesforce experts around here who can help. Thanks!



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    Yes, that icon indicates a dataflow, symbolizing multiple datasets merging into one.