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I am trying to add a 2nd series to my Pie chart card in DOMO. It is in the same data source. I do not see any option to add another series. My example is a pie chart for Pipeline data that reflects Revenue and Unit values for each slice. Perhaps this is a limitation, but I needed to ask. Thanks!




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  • nalbright
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    If you are looking at additional values associated with that slice, I could see value in using a pie chart as the first layer in a drilldown, but this would involve a second graph that would involve those additional values.  Without being able to see some of the data/fields that you are working with, it is hard to be more precise.


  • Do I understand you correctly that you would be looking for more than one dimension in your pie chart?  Coming from a chart visualization standpoint, pie charts are designed for one-dimensional area comparisons.  If you want to bring in a second series to compare with the first, you should probably look to do bar charts for the cross-series comparison.

  • Not sure if I am comparing it's more of showing additional values associated with that slice of the pie. You are probably correct that I need to look at a different chart type. Thank you for the feedback!

  • Thank you again for your assistance. I will work with our DOMO rep to implement your solution!

  • You're very welcome :).  I'm glad I was able to help you out.

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