Does the Date Range Field not show up in cards that are in the drill path?

I have a card that has a Date Range Field but then when I create a drill path the card in the path does not show this date range.  Nor is it the case that the date range from the top card is being applied to the drill path card.  Why is that?  Am I missing something?  By not having that date range in the drill path card, my data results are incorrect.

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    Thanks for providing the additional information!


    So you're viewing the data at the cardbuilder level, and at the top level that's fine because that's where the date is going to be specified. 


    When you view the data in your drillpaths at the cardbuilder screen, you're going to see the entire dataset's worth of data as you're building, and you won't be able to specify a date range because that's going to be determined at the top level and carried through your drillpaths.


    I know it looks weird but go ahead and save the top level, save the drillpath, then drill through to your drill path by clicking on one of the pie sections. You should see the correct totals. 


    If you've deployed the top level card and drill path to your page, you drill through and you're still not seeing the correct date filtering, let me know and we'll try something else!


  • Hey AttuAK,


    Are you able to provide screenshots of what you're seeing? 


    I created a test card that I tried a couple different ways, once with the date as the x-axis with all time range selected, once with category with all time range selected, once with date as x-axis with most recent quarter selected, and once with category with most recent quarter selected.


    Each time when I drilled through to the second level, whatever date filter I had applied (Whether it was on the card or through drilling into a specific date) was carried through to the drill path. 


    The one thing I can think of in your case is that your date field might not be recognized as a date datatype, which could be skewing your card levels. 


    Happy to help more if I can get some more detail from you. It's possible you could be seeing a legitimate bug. 

  • Thank you for the reply.  I checked the data type and it does seem to be of DATE type. I've attached a few screen shots of what I'm seeing...


    Page 1. Top level card.  You can see the "Activity Date" in the Date Range Field.  You can also see from the categories that it is of DATE type.


    Page 2. Drill down card.  I don't see the Date Range Field and you can see from the total value that it is for all time vs for this year only, which is what it should be.


    Why do I not see the Date Range box?? 


  • Thank you once again.  You are correct.  When drilling down through the viewer, rather than the card builder view, it does hold the date range and time frame.  The totals do look correct.

    Thank you.

  • @AttuAk Glad to hear it's working for you!

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