Setup a weekly custom email with recipient list based on criteria from DatSet or card data

I would like to schedule an email to be sent out Monday mornings, but the recipient list is different every week as it is based on current data in a DataSet for temesheet entries per employee. More specifically, for all employees that reported less than 40 hours of work last week, a friendly reminder is sent to this sub-group to complete the timesheet.


I am hoping that this email is sent out automatically and without my involvement. Is there a way to set this up, or is there a possible work-around?




  • I do not know this feature to exist, it might be outside the scope of Domo slightly (but who knows if they will expand to do that). Are they all Domo users? Maybe someone else knows something more

  • Thanks for your comment @guitarhero23! Hardly anyone is a Domo user. What I was hoping is to find the functionality on Domo (or a round-about way) to output a list/string of email addresses. My first thoughts are to generate this list/string off of a DataFlow output or in the form of a card publication with a Beast Mode output.

  • As much as I am a "Try and do it in Domo" guy I wonder if this is better suited in the tool it's coming from. What application is this data coming from?