Data Failing to Update

Disclaimer: I submitted a case this morning with Contact Support, but have yet to hear anything.




My raw data I'm pulling from Salesforce's Account Object has failed to update several times today, when it worked fine last week. The strangest part about this is that I created a new dataset for the Account to test whether it'd pull on that, and it didn't work...all the while OTHER datasets continue to pull just fine on OTHER Salesforce Objects (Opportunities for instance).


Is anyone experiencing similar issues?


  • Lately my Email Messages object dataset from Salesforce has been failing.


    Are you a Salesforce Admin as well? Can you check your API usage to make sure it's not going above any sort of cutoff threshold?


    Found at


    See attached example.



    Otherwise I'm not too sure. I have 10 Salesforce datasets and it's only the email messages one that has been failing (not always but frequently). Manually running it always works.



  • Good thought, but we are well below our API request threshold. Hmm...

  • Do you get the same thing as me where the scheduled one sometimes fails but if you manually run it it works?