Card Date Range Fields on Cards Exported to PowerPoint?

Hi there! 


I have several pages with several cards that I export to PowerPoint to present to clients. Each of these cards are filtered to all time and the card date range is set to the period of time reported on each card. When I export the cards individually, there is a date range field on the PowerPoint slide, but if I export the cards from the page as a group, the date range field is missing.


Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!


  • Intersting, it seems to differ depending on the screen you were on when exporting.


    Example 1: When viewing a page hover in top right and click dropdown wrench for a card (do not open the card in full view). Click to Send/Export as PowerPoint. Open it up and it will NOT have the date range


    Example 2: Click on the same card from Example 1 but click on it so that it opens in full view and you only see that card. Now click the icon next to the filter (the rectangle with an arrow pointing up) and choose export as PowerPoint. Open that up and it WILL have the date range.


    I believe exporting a whole page has the same behavior as exporting from Example 1.

  • I agree. Is there any way to have the date field show on the PowerPoint export of multiple cards from the entire page as in Example 1?

  • Hopefully someone on the Domo team can help out here, I'm unsure. It doesn't appear so.