Changing data sets in a drill path while using PDP - bug

I have run into an issue when trying to swap data sets when drilling into data.  It appears that when this is done, the PDP policies get held up somewhere and no data comes through on the drill through.  Any admin can follow the drill path and see the data, but those with PDP policies get stuck when they try to drill into it.


As an interesting side note, if I have the user open a separate card with the second data set first, they are then able to follow the entire path on the original card.  


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    I did hear back from Domo support on my issue.  My issue was that the data set being used in the drill path had not been shared with my users.  I had incorrectly assumed that when I shared the card, all data sets in the card / drill path would get shared as well.  As a work around, I simply created a card using the unshared data set and shared that with my users.  


    Your issue seems to be a bit different.  You may want to confirm that the same PDP policy in in place for both data sets.  


  • I am also experiencing this and when I choose the PDP policy in question on the parent card (under Viewing All Data option, not applying a new filter) the first data set is filtered according to the PDP policy but the drill path with the second data set is showing me (and Admin) all data.

  • Your work around fixed my issue as well, which makes sense.  My final dataset was a very detailed transaction look so I didn't have any parent cards shared with my users.

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