Where can we find DOMO usage datasets

I need to find information regarding all the Dataset and its related dataflows along with the name and link for all the DOMO cards using those dataset or dataflows. 

Also where can I find DOMO usage dataset ?



  • Hi


    For the DOMO usage datases, I think you will have to reach out to support in order for them to create the  "Domo Metrics datasets" in your instance.


    This was what i did some time ago.


    In those datasets there is one that can in some degree help you with your first question "Card Usage with Datasource and Owner Information".


    It has the folowing schema:

    Card Owner
    Card Title
    Card ID
    Card Still Exists
    Owner Still Exists
    Owner ID
    Owner Employee Number
    Owner Is Domo User
    Last Viewed
    Total View Count
    Datasource Name
    Last Updated
    Datasource Type


    Hope this helps.



  • Thanks for your reply.


    As per above fields we can find details about cards and its related sources. 

    I also need to know all dataset we have and what are its related dataflows.

  • Last time I spoke with Domo Support, the Domo Metrics DataSets have been depricated and are no longer supported by Domo. They pointed me to the DomoStats Connector, which has a lot of reports that contain all of the old info that Domo Metrics had and more. 

  • WHM
    WHM 🟠

    We use the Domo APIs to constantly update our activity log... it is just a dataset we created in our instance.


    I think I write it out to a CSV then load it into Domo with workbench, I then join that to the main activity dataset in a dataflow adding employee information from our employee master. I use that data to identify people who have been termed and still have a license. I have another script that "promotes" those people to "Social". 

  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🟤

    In the appstore there are two quickstart apps that show you the usage of your instance. Just search for "domostats" and you will see two show up that you should use. You can also search for "governance" and there will be a connector called "Domo Governance Datasets". This has a number of datasets you can pull depending on the area you want to look at.