Calculating Inventory Over Time

I am trying to compute inventory levels over time based on invoices.  The invoices give me the relevant data of:

  • Quantity coming in and date
  • Quantity going out and date

In the Excel world, I would have just made a list of dates and done a SUMIFS function.  What is the equivalent in the DOMO World?  Thanks for your time!

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    I found a solution outside of using SQL.  You just use a running total bar graph of the difference between in and out.


  • Hi,


    Something in the line of the folllowing Beastmode should help you (if i uderstand your question).


    SUM (CASE WHEN Quantity_Coming_In    > 0 THEN Quantity_Coming_In

                         WHEN Quantity_Coming_Out > 0 THEN Quantity_Coming_Out * -1 END)



    This could have to be adjusted to your data reality.


    Say somethinh if you need more help.



  • That for some reason doesn't seem to capture beginning inventory in a relevant time period.  Harkening back to the old accounting days:


    Beginning Inventory

    + Additions

    - Subtractions


    Ending Inventory

  • That is because you are just suming values from your invoices based on your card date filters.


    You have to take the beginig inventory into account or do a reverse calc from the end inventory if you have.


    I think this would be easier to do in a Dataflow.


    Hope this helps

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