New to Domo

Hello Everyone. I was wondering what is the best programming language to use with Domo? I know a few so i was wondering what do you guys suggest i should fully use to maximie the potential of DOMO? Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide! 


  • Hi and Welcome to Domo!


    In the Domo platform itself you'll be using a LOT of SQL. Generally MySQL but also possibly Postgresql/redshift.


    If you're going to be building Domo apps, web programming languages like Javascript, HTML and CSS. 


    Working with the Domo API's, Java will probably be useful.


    You don't NEED to use a programming language to use Domo though, not at the basal levels. 


    Hope this is helpful!

  • Thank you for the helpful answer! 

  • I agree with @PodiumMason.  I would just add that you can do quite a bit with Domo without any real programming language using the Magic ETL blends.  There are limitations to what you can do with these blends, but they can be a great place to get started if you are not comfortable with MySQL yet.  

  • Thank You for your answer. I am pretty comfortable with MySQL so I think I will be using that. I am also an experienced Python and R programmer so i was wondering if those will come in handy when using Domo but i guess its all about MySQL. Thanks guys! 

  • There is some pretty cool R stuff that you can utilize with the Domo workbench R plugin. I don't know what documentation exists for it, but I imagine if you talked to someone Domo internal you could probably get some info on it.