How to make a stacked bars within Grouped bar chart in one card

I am trying to make a Grouped bar chart where I need to aggregate on two categorical variables and group them. I am looking for a way to have a grouped chart with one set of variable and color the bars in group with the second variable ( stacked chart).


Please let me know if this is possible in DOMO. I have tried pretty much everything


  • Hi,


    Have you tried "Grouped & Stacked" bar chart type? You can have a fixed number of series in each bar, and i Beastmode for each Serie if needed.


    Some more info:



    Hope it helps

  • Thanks a lot for prompt reply.


    I did not explain the problem properly.


    So we want the card to show have values over time. So the data template would like the one you send the link to, only that there is date column too.


    As we want this visualization to give us the quarterly report on how the regions performed and how were the major partners in that region.


    Thanks again.

  • I see your point but I don't know of a card that can do that kind of groupping.


    You can always group on region per quarter in the first level and then do a drill to the details of that quarter in terms of partners.


    By the way, did you think of a Nested Bar Chart? You could have partners in each bar and the group total would be the Quarter total...



    I will get back to you if i remenber something better!


    Hope this helps.

  • Did you find something on this?


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