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Does anyone know if it is possible to change the data type of a data source in Domo after it's been uploaded, or does the data type need to be changed before it is uploaded to Domo?


  • You would need to add a corrected data source, at least as I understand it.  Once a data source is uploaded, you can change its name but not the type of data it is.  Can you give some specific examples of a data source you would need changed?

  • It needs to be changed prior to upload. 


    EDIT: I may be misinterpreting your question. Do you mean transforming a column?

  • pliu
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    @pmatsumiyaYou can use dataflow to transform your data type after it's been uploaded.


    e.g. the alter table statement below can turn the id column to case-senstitve.



  • @pmatsumiya, did any of the above suggestions help? Please let us know. Thanks!

  • I would like to change the a column that is currently set as a string into a date format. I need to change it to a date format because my card is viewing the date column as a text. So there is no way I can aggregate by data by Month, week etc.


    Also in the same coulum there is a  value that is called total. I need to delete that as well.  The ETL can do this but I would like to use the MySQL dataflow for this. 



  • skhan28, can you provide a sample of your data?