What controls the ordering of the Page level Filters?


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    If i understand what you are asking, from my expirience I think the Lists that allow users to choose string values are sorted in ascending order.


    Hope this helps.

  • It thinks that's correct when you're choosing a filter. My question is once we have selected a group of filters to save to to the page, what controls the order that the sticky page levels filters are displayed?

  • It doesn't seem to be location in the underlying data, or alphabetical, or by length, or by order of adding to the page.  

  • Ok, i see your point. Didn't ever think about that...

  • We've got some filters that serve as broad category filters and then other filters that serves as finer grain choices. To help limit the many fine grain report type filters, we are first filtering on the category type filter. It would make much more sense if the higher level filter came to the left of the finer grained filter. 


    Thanks for checking. I'm having an aweful time figuring out the underlying logic on the ordering. Not sure if the development side of things is just kept the sticky filters in an unordered list so there actually isnt any discernible logic.

  • From the tests i made, for the same user it retained the order in witch the filters were added.

    Is this what is happening to you?





  • Not for my user account. No matter the order I add the filters, once I save to page and refresh the web browser the order changes.

  • Do you have the page Locked? Mine is locked!

  • Your recommendation made me hopeful, but no. Page locked or unlocked, my filters rearange themselves. 

  • Are you the page Owner? Are the filters from the same Dataset?

  • Yes to both. And the data set owner and an admin on the instance. 

  • Same as me... But my filters don't misbehave! 



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