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I have created a grouped bar and I am trying to label every title. Kindly refer the screenshot for better explanation. 

Domo Question.PNG

I am looking to create a grouped bar like this and I am unable to label iTunes with -22%. Or Vudu with -19% or Xbox with +59%.

I want to label iTunes, Vudu, Xbox, Google, Comcast, Other with a previous value or previous percentage.


Is that possible in Domo? If it is, can you please guide me through that? It would be really helpful.


Thank you.  





  • You could create a Symbol and Grouped Bar.  1.png


    One key thing here is to apply the General Chart property "Sync Zero Lines".  Otherwise the accounts negative numbers can still look like a positive growth if you aren't paying attention to the scales.  You will also want to use the "%_VALUE" macro in the Data Label Settings.


    An alternative would be the "Grouped Bar" option:





    This option provides a little more visibility for the Variance bar.  In this option, You need to use the Value Scale (right) property:3.png




    Hope this helps.





  • Hi Scott,


    Yes, this really helps. Both of them are good alternatives to what I was trying to see.


    However, can you tell me how you have labeled your bars as $2m or $3m in the first screenshot? Also, how did you use the "%_VALUE" macro in the Data Label Settings? That is not working for me. 


    Again, thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it.

  • Sure, Here are the two options you asked about.  The macro for the Data label settings goes in the text field and you have to type it in all caps %_VALUE ... not %_value or %_Value

    How to Abbreviate the data labelsHow to Abbreviate the data labels



    Data Label Macro %_VALUEData Label Macro %_VALUE





  • Hi Scott,


    Yes that works for me. Thank you very much for your help. 


    However, just a small question. Is there any way to label the values in bar as number and in symbols as a percentage? 

  • Yes,


  • Great! Thank you very much Scott

  • I figured it out. That symbol and grouped bar worked for me. 

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