Changing Date format to YYYY/MM to exclude days as uploading Monthly data

Hi there, 


I was wondering if someone could help me with a date format issue. The data is being uploaded as YYYY/MM and it turns it into the format of YYYY/MM/DD but the DD is always 01 since we only uploaded Monthly data and do not have it broken out by day. This does not allow me to use the 'All Time' filter which is required for period over period analysis. 


See screenshot where the calendar and All Time does not display. 








  • Hi,


    Just a quick question, do you have the date separator selected?



  • Hi Ricardo, 


    Thank you for the quick response. I am fairly new to Domo so I am not sure what you mean by date seperator?





  • Its a button on the top part of the card editor, i'm sending you a partial screen shoot with a red square on it.


    You may have to click the arrow shown inside the yellow square, to open the toolbar.


    Hope this helps.

  • Yes that is highlighted and selected. 

  • Ok


    So, i think your x axis field isn't a proper datetime field...


    Is it database field or a Beastmode (can't tell in your screen shoot)? If it's a database field please show me it's format or the Beastmode if that is the case.



  • Anyhow i can't replicate your behavior (only by turning the date button off) even if my x axis is a non datetime field i can see the date controls...

  • Hi Richardo, 


    I pulled the data from a custom Salesforce field that is in the format of yyyy/mm (see screenshot) then I am combining the data through an ETL to another table and changing the column type from a text to a date (see screenshot). 


    I wonder now if I should not be changing the column type in the ETL and instead using a beastmode. 


    What do you think?







  • I think there is no reason not to work, maybe tre date/time instead of date...


    Can you take a screen shot of the upper area on your analyzer (i am sending an example)?

  • Hi Ricardo, 


    I appreciate your patience with me ? 


    I just tested Date and Time - no luck. Here is a screen shot above what you asked for. 


    Could I try using a beastmode? Any thoughts on what that should be. 





  • No problem, we always learn something from helping others.

    I need to ask one more question to try and help you. In your dataset is there any field with the Date/Time symbol, (i am sending an example)


    It's very odd what you are experiencing... But i think it must be something very subtle...

  • Ahh you might be on to something here - 'Forecasting: Month' is the field that is set as YYYY/MM and it is set as a text/string. 



  • Yes, I saw that on the screen shot.

    You can nude a beastmode to convert it or convert it right in the source...
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