Making categories in donut chart

I have donut chart with many slices, and I would like to cut down on that by grouping some of my categories into one. However, I would still like each individual category to show up when I hover over the slice, like it does when you hover over the "other" slice. 


For example: My chart is detailing mergers in the food industry and I have a category for dairy processors, snack processors, meat processors, etc., and I would like to merge them all into one general "food processors" category.


Is there a way to do this?


  • @user06886 you could group those categories together via a case statement, and then use the card drill path to display all the sub-category items.

  • Hi,


    On the chart properties in the general tab you can set the max number of slices before other, that can help you achive the behavior you want.


    Sending an example.


    Hope this helps.

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