Percentage value not showing correctly in one of the series.....



Need help with card building.


As you can see in below screenshot, there are 3 series of values which shows %rate. But the last one (conversion rate) is appearing as 100% which is actualy is in the range of 1-2%. I tried changing all formats (percentage, number, default... check box - divided by 100)



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    Try "ELSE 0"


    SUM((CASE WHEN (`Segment Name` = 'Conversion Activities - Overall') THEN `Unique Visitors` ELSE 0 END )) / SUM((CASE WHEN (`Segment Name` = 'Overall') THEN `Unique Visitors` ELSE 0 END ))



  • Isn't null using an included column for the denominator by an arithmetic expression of BEAST MODE?

    Won't a chart, but a table be 100%?


    BEAST MODEの計算式で、分母にnullが含まれるカラムを利用していませんか?


  • this is the beast mode which pulling conversion rate:


    (SUM((CASE  WHEN (`Segment Name` = 'Conversion Activities - Overall') THEN `Unique Visitors` END )) / SUM((CASE  WHEN (`Segment Name` = 'Overall') THEN `Unique Visitors` END ))) 

  • I think that you have a misplaced parenthesis in your equation.  Try this instead:


    (SUM((CASE  WHEN (`Segment Name` = 'Conversion Activities - Overall') THEN `Unique Visitors` END ))) / (SUM((CASE  WHEN (`Segment Name` = 'Overall') THEN `Unique Visitors` END )))

  • Thanks Scott for digging... but this also didnt helped :(

  • Perhaps we need to look at the data to get a better picture of what is going on here.  You have a column called `Segment Name` which contains the values "Conversion Activities - Overall" and "Overall".  


    In your equation, we search for the value "Conversion Activities - Overall" and when we find that we sum the `Unique Visitors` column.  This tells us how many visitors fell into the "Conversion Activities - Overall" segment.  

    We then look at the same segment column for the value "Overall" and when we find that we sum the `Unique Visitors` column.  In this case, I'm not sure that the divisor is really capturing all of the visitors from every segment. 


    Maybe try something like this?


    (SUM((CASE  WHEN (`Segment Name` = 'Conversion Activities - Overall') THEN `Unique Visitors` END )) / SUM(`Unique Visitors`) 

  • I'm trying to achieve conversion rate for a particular page of a portal. To get this we divide conversion activity unique visitors by overall unique visitors of portal (achieving this by ETL data).

    I successfully created 6-7 cards similar type for other pages with same beast mode applied, but not sure why in this card conversion rate coming as 100%. I want to remove extra 00% bcoz correct value are mostly 1% troughout the months (except 2% in one or two months). I checked in previous cards and nothing found any thing different, this is realy weird :(

  • can you look at a data table to check the values of those fields to make sure they are correct?


    Or you could create a sumo card to check the sum of unique visitors when the segment is Overall and when it is a conversion.


    It could be an issue with the data and not one with your beast mode.

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