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I'm currently using the Nested Bar Graph to visualize both open and closed orders. I also need to put the forecasted amount on the specific region in the graph.


 Is there a way to place another bar in the graph to show the forecasted amount, open and closed orders per region?



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    From my point of view, you will have to create a Beastmode for each of the series like this :


    Open Orders


    SUM( CASE WHEN `STATUS` ='Open' THEN `Amount` END


    Closed Orders


    SUM( CASE WHEN `STATUS` ='Closed' THEN `Amount` END


    Adjust field names to your case .Then you can use them as your series and add the forecast as another series.


    To achieve what you suggest in your drawing, you will have to change your chart type to "Grouped & Stacked" in order to allow you to have 2 series in a bar and another one grouped.


    Here's an lustration of the final result :





    Hope this helps, but don't hesitate to ask if you need more clarifying.

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