I added new View(Profiles) to Google Analytics but they are not in Domo

To make the new Google Analytics View(Profiles) available for the Domo user, you need to grant permission for those View(Profiles) in Google Analytics.


Step 1. Sign into Google Analytics and navigate to the main page that shows the View(Profiles.



Step 2. Go to the dropdown next to your email address at the top right and add the Google Account if necessary to your Google Analytics account. If you have already implemented a Google Analytics [email protected] email address, this step is optional.




Step 3. Click on the Admin link at the top. Set the appropriate Account and Property in the dropdowns, then set the View using the third drop down. Then click User Management.




Step 4. Double check the correct View is selected on the left then type in the user's email under "Add Permissions For:" and click Add.

Note: This will only add that user to the selected View so if you need to add more, repeat these steps. You can change the View dropdown and stay on this screen to add more. 

Important: Allow the user at a minimum Read & Analyze access. This is the minimum access required for Domo. If your user needs more access in Google Analytics, grant them additional access per your security policy.




Now that you have completed these steps inside Google Analytics, the new View(Profiles) will be available in Domo when adjusting a connector or creating a new one.

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