How can we tell which Datasets belong to Dataflows or cards?



Is there an easy way to tell which Datasets are being used for Dataflows and/or cards?





  • Hi @mwade


    If I correctly understood the question, you have several ways of getting that information:


    In datacenter/Dataflows you can for each dataflow see which datasets it uses for input and output.



    In Datacenter/Datasets you can see the cards that the dataset is connected to:




    You can also use Data Lineage on the datasets to see it's precedences (Doesn't, however, show the dataflows, and is only available in you are already in the new version of the analyzer) :



    Hope this helps.


  • I am looking for a report that will show me which datasets are being used for cards or dataflows.  


    Thanks, Matt

  • Ok I see..


    if you don't have it yet, you need to contact support and ask them to activate DomoMetrics datasets.

    There should be a dataset named: Card Usage with Datasource and Owner Information with the following schema :


    Card Owner
    Card Title
    Card ID
    Card Still Exists
    Owner Still Exists
    Owner ID
    Owner Employee Number
    Owner Is Domo User
    Last Viewed
    Total View Count
    Datasource Name
    Last Updated
    Datasource Type


    I think from here you can extract some of the information you are looking for.


    You have some app at the appstore that uses this datasets too.


    Hope this helps.