PowerPoint Add-In Issue

Hi everyone,


I am having some issues with the newer version of PowerPoint Add-in.


As an example, when I'm importing a card it doesn't respect the card default date filters, it shows the card all time values.


Is any one else having this issue or other issues with this version of the add-in?

Did anybody resolve it?


Thank you.

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  • AS
    AS 🔵
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    I have the newest PP plugin and tested one just now.  It took my cards identically across, even though I have date and other filters in place.  I don't appear to be having the same issue you are.

  • RGranada
    RGranada 🟢
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    Your correct @AS.


    Version 1.1.10 did correct the issue.


    It does, however, maintain the problem with concatenated summaries numbers, by not displaying them. 




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