Is it possible to comment on transforms when creating a data flow?

Is it possible to add a comment on transforms when creating a data flow? Ideally, I would like to leave a note stating the purpose of the transform so that the steps taken to create the data flow can be determined at a glance.


  • Hi,


    You can leave comments inside the transform with the following syntax:


    --Comment line 12345!"#$%


    Hope this helps.

  • To Ricardo's point, that's the most common SQL dataflow comment option. Or /* comments */  if you want to go across multiple lines.

    But I guess you didn't really say if you were doing a SQL dataflow or a Magic ETL dataflow.  Magic ETL doesn't really have a description field, per say, but you can change the name of the action and those names can be pretty long.  Maybe insert some commentary there?

  • That was actually an idea I was going to add to the idea exchange.  It would be really helpful to have the ability to add text boxes to Magic ETL so that notes can be added.  Updating the names only gets you so far.  Sometimes I want to make notes about the dataflow, in general, or sections of the dataflow. 

  • extending on this.

    a very nice simple idea here, the addition of a 'description' box in the config of the Magic ELT action box would be great. would be nice to see this on any configurable item. like a technical description field for admins only.





  • What happened to this functionality in MySQL?  I have three fields I was removing from a MySQL dataflow:



    When I -- to comment the 3 fields I get the following in my output:




    /* Comment here */ Still works:  


    --`Store_Visits`, */