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I would like to do a custom sort on a quick filter.  Currently I have attempted to concantenate a number and name in a calculated field.  However since this is treated as text the sort does not work as anticipated.


Example of current sorting                                       Desired Result

1 Location 1                                                             1 Location 1

12 Location 12                                                         2 Location 2

13 Location 13                                                         12 Location 12

2 Location 2                                                             13 Location 13

22 Location 22                                                          22 Location 22

23 Location 23                                                          23 Location 23


I am very new to Domo and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • AS
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    You can't override quick filter sorting.

    You CAN override the order of a dimension that is in a card by using a beast mode (like rearranging an alphabetic order of countries), but unfortunately that same beast mode won't affect the quick filters.  

    Consider adding a new idea to the ideas exchange.  Optimizing usability in quick filters is a topic of discussion at Domo, so this might be good for them to consider as well.

  • VRIndy
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    Thank you.

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