Access private publication by passing Access Code in URL query string?

I would like to be able to access a private publication via a TV monitor dashboard on the floor of our office.  With the access code requirement, is there a way to pass the code as a query string value in the URL to bypass the manual entry requirement?  This would be especially handy for times when the device were to reset/reboot/restart after power loss.


  • I'd be interested in knowing this as well but as an alternative the easiest way is to have a VM or easy access to the environment powering the TV/Monitor so you can control it remotely.

  • Sometimes a VM is overkill.  For example, you could use a $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W hooked up to HDMI with an SD card running Open Source Software like Screenly, that doesn't need an entire desktop, it just displays a page you give it.


    Another example is a command line to run chromium via linux running on lightweight device like raspberry pi, without the need for screenly or any other software.  Super lightweight and affordable for multiple monitors.

  • Agree, trouble is depending on the size of the company and how "techy" they aren't that isn't always an option. I'd like it to be on a Rasberry Pi myself as that would be super simple, but to convince the company that we should get Rasberry Pi's for monitors wouldn't fly past the operations team and sysadmin who wouldn't want to add a new type of device that could need support in the future when now if something goes wrong he just logs into the central spot that controls all VM's.


    This might be overkill to but you could have a Python script using Selenium that controls a browser  and you can have it navigate to the Publication link and then enter the passcode. 

  • I'm sure this isn't useful to you but adding it to this chain for potential future research by others.


    Example Python Script to launch Chrome,  navigate to the publication, and pass in access code.


    from selenium import webdriver
    import time

    #Link to the file path for where you have chomedriver.exe
    driver = webdriver.Chrome('C:\\Users\\Travis\\PycharmProjects\\CloudAdminHelper\\ChromeDriver\\chromedriver.exe')

    DomoAccessField = driver.find_element_by_class_name('ng-empty')