Building card with monthly sales targets - target-to-date

I'm fairly new to domo and am really struggling with something that seems pretty simple.

I just want to create a bar chart with our monthly sales over the year but have a running line graph showing where we are in terms of target-to-date


Example. If our monthly target is $17,000 how do I get that line to double in Feb, triple in Mar, etc.?


I've only been able to graph a straight line across and have the month's total in the graph.




Another option would be a gauge but I can't seem to figure out where I'm getting $130 as my target in dark grey...or how to get it to show where I am to date. (if I'm 8.5% above my target, i would want a line or something to show that I'm exceeding it currently)


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  • RGranada
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    Try syncing your scales on Chart Properties/General/ Sync Value Scales 




    Hope this helps, please do ask if you need more help with this.


  • Hi,


    I think in your case you should use a Line + Stacked Bar.

    Some more info on that:


    Then add another category for your target with the following Beast Mode:


    MONTH(`Date_Field`) * `Monthly_Target`


    Hope this helps, please do ask if you need more help with this.

  • Thank you. I did as you suggested and it seems to have worked. Only problem is that the scale of my graph seems to be off.

    If you see below, two points on my graph are being represented at similar heights but different values....



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